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Baby Gemini

Baby Gemini Videos

Mean Loan Officer 2 - Baby Gemini
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Jack is 3 months behind on his car payments. His bank calls... the loan officer is rude and mean to him over the phone. She tells him he has 15 minutes to come up with money or she will come over and repossess his car. When she arrives at his house, she makes him sit on the floor while he explains his situation. He tries to tell her he needs a little more time, but she just laughs at him and turns around and pulls up her skirt. She tells him to kiss her ass. She laughs at him as he desperately kisses her ass... Then she makes him tell her that he's not a man. She reminds him that a real man would be able to pay his car payments, so Jack must not be a real man. She makes him bow down on the floor and smell her feet, and then makes him lick and worship them. Then it's back to ass worship and this time you get to see some up close ass licking while she makes him say "I'M A BROKE BITCH!". You can see her asshole winking as she laughs! After some intense asslicking, she makes him lay down so she can sit on his face. She bounces and jiggles her ass on his face and then makes him sit up so she can swipe her ass on his face like a credit card. She's having a lot of fun humiliating Jack, so she makes him smell her sweaty armpits. She can't believe how easy it is to boss him around! She makes him lick her pussy until she cums all over his face. Then she turns around so his nose is buried in her ass while she jerks him off! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING! BABY GEMINI IS ONE OF THE HOTTEST DOMMES IN THE WORLD!

Tags: Ass Worship Big Butt Ebony Facesitting
Baby Gemini Slave Orders 2
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Your bank calls to let you know that you are late on your car payments. The Loan Officer is mean to you on the phone and tells you that being three months behind on a loan is dispicable. She tells you she is coming to your house to collect. When she arrives, she degrades you and mocks you. She tells you a loser like you can get a loan extension by serving as her slave. She makes you get on the floor and kiss her feet. She laughs at you for being a broke loser and makes you tell her you love her feet. She makes you worship her feet while she laughs at you. She tells you that not being able to pay your bills makes not even a man. She wants you to call yourself a woman from now on. She turns around and pulls up her skirt and you can see that she has a BIG PERFECT ROUND ASS. She makes you tell her it's a perfect ass and then calls you a simpy broke bitch. She orders to you eat her black ass... she wants you to stick your tongue in her ass. She tells you that this is where you belong: in her asshole. She makes you lay on the floor and look up as she stands over you and squats onto your face and makes you jerk off while she counts down! HOT SLAVE ORDERS... YOU WILL LOVE EVERY HUMILIATING MINUTE OF IT!! ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN, AND MORE!

Tags: Ass Worship Big Butt Ebony Foot Worship
Mean Personal Trainer 4 - Baby Gemini
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Glenn is tired of being pushed around and treated like a little wimp, so he goes to the Mean Bitch Gym to find a personal trainer. He asks around and finds out that Baby Gemini is the best trainer in the gym so he asks her to train him. She sneers at him and tells him "I train professional athletes. You give wimp vibe". She makes him get on his knees and beg her to train him. As he sinks to his knees and begs like a little bitch, he realizes that this is the reason he needs a trainer. She tells him that if she's going to train him, he has to do EVERYTHING she says. She tells him to start doing jumping jacks, and then motivates him by SQUEEZING HIS BALLS HARD while he jumps. Next, she makes him do pushups. Each time he goes down, he has to kiss her shoe. Then she puts her ass in his face and tells him to kiss her sweaty asshole each time he comes up. She enjoys humiliating him, so she shoves her sweaty feet in his face too... she laughs when she realizes that he will really do ANYTHING SHE SAYS, so she makes him lick her sweaty armpits!! Then it's time for some full weight, no-breathing FACESITTING!! She tells him he's going to be her personal slave from now on and spend every day taking her shopping and servicing her... she makes him lick her pussy to orgasm and then sits on his face as she jerks his cock!! LOTS OF HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, HANDJOB, AND OUR MOST INTENSE ARMPIT WORSHIP EVER!

Tags: Ass Worship Big Butt Ebony Facesitting
Baby Gemini Slave Orders
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It's a new year and you have decided to work hard in the gym and get into shape. You have heard that Baby Gemini is the best Personal Trainer in the gym, so you ask her to train you. She smirks at you and tells you that you look like a little wimp. She tells you she only trains winners. You are embarrassed at being called a wimp but you beg her to train you. She orders you to beg louder... then tells you "I will let you work with my ONLY if you do everything I say". She smiles as you stupidly agree to become her slave. She laughs as she commands you to smell the inside of her dirty gym sneakers. You are humiliated as you smell the strong scent of her feet.. she laughs in your face as you smell and kiss and worship her stinky feet... then she turns around and shoves her sweaty ass in your face. She calls you a sissy bitch and then orders you to smell her asshole. You do as you are told and soon find yourself with your face in her ass and your tongue in her asshole. She degrades you and humiliates you as you kiss her asshole, and then finally allows you to jerk off while she counts down! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN, AND MORE FROM AN AMAZING DOMME!

Tags: Ass Worship Big Butt Ebony Foot Worship

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