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Caitlin Bell Slave Orders
Caitlin Bell
You walk into the MeanBitch Strip Club and fall in love... you see Caitlin's blonde hair, BIG BOOBS, AND PERFECT ASS, and fall in love... she smiles when she senses how submissive you are and calls you a loser... you will do anything to please her. She orders you to come to her and shove your face in...

Tags: Ass Worship, Blondes, Foot Worship, Masturbation Instruction
Mean Teacher 4 - Jenna Starr
Jenna Starr
Eriq goes to visit his son's teacher to find out why he's getting a bad grade in her class. She tells him "here's the deal... all the other parents bring me things". Since Eriq didn't bring her any gifts, she expects him to get on his knees and KISS HER BIG ASS. When he obeys her commands, she laughs...

Tags: Ass Worship, Big Butt, Blondes, Facesitting
Sophia Locke Slave Orders
Sophia Locke
You have been serving Mistress Sophia for years... she has relentlessly drained your bank accounts, used you, and humiliated you. You lost friends and family as you spent your life groveling for Mistress Sophia. But now you saw a therapist, who told you that she could cure of you of your craving to be...

Tags: Ass Worship, Foot Worship, Masturbation Instruction
Fired at Work, Demoted at Home - Cali Sweets
Cali Sweets, Eriq Dikkersun
Poor Eriq was fired at work... he comes home to his beautiful wife Cali and tells her that things are going to be tight for a while but he knows they will make it together. She laughs at him and tells him she no longer considers him a man. She tells him if he can't pay for her shopping and vacations...

Tags: Ass Worship, Ebony, Facesitting, Foot Worship
Jenna Starr Slave Orders 4
Jenna Starr
Your son has been failing in his class at school. You go to see his teacher, Miss Starr. She tells you that all of the other parents bring her gifts and fund her lifestyle, and their kids get good grades. Since you didn't bring her anything, you will be her slave if you want to help your kid. She laughs...

Tags: Ass Worship, Big Butt, Blondes, Foot Worship
Strip Club Domme 18 - Tylee Texas
Tylee Texas
Glenn visits the Mean Bitch Strip Club and this time he meets HOT REDHEAD Texan Stripper Tylee Texas! She walks in and grabs him by his hair and at the same time grabs his cock! She asks if he wants a lap dance... she does a headstand in his lap so her ass is right in his face. She tells him that the...

Tags: Ass Worship, Facesitting, Foot Worship, Redheads
Cali Sweets Slave Orders
Cali Sweets
Today is a sad day for you.. you were fired from your job. You go home to your beautiful wife and tell her... you are expecting her to comfort you and tell you it's going to be OK, but instead she looks at you coldly and tells you to get out of her house. She no longer views you as a man. You wonders...

Tags: Ass Worship, Ebony, Foot Worship, Masturbation Instruction
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Mean Dungeon Relapse
Sophia Locke
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