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Stephanie Love Slave Orders
Stephanie Love
Welcome back to the MeanBitch Strip Club! You have a seat at the main stage and watch as BIG BUTT BIG BOOB BLONDE GODDESS Stephanie Love walks on stage and starts her dance. You are mesmerized as her ass sways back and forth and feel yourself getting weaker and weaker. She asks if you want to have some...

Tags: Ass Worship, Big Butt, Blondes, Foot Worship
Inheritance Lost - Ember Snow
Ember Snow, Glenn King
Glenn and Ember have known each other for many years... she knows exactly how to manipulate him to get whatever she wants. When she finds out that he recently inherited a large sum of money, she decides to pay him a visit. As they chat, she casually dangles her shoe off her foot... she smirks as she...

Tags: Asian, Ass Worship, Facesitting, Foot Worship
Baby Gemini Slave Orders 2
Baby Gemini
Your bank calls to let you know that you are late on your car payments. The Loan Officer is mean to you on the phone and tells you that being three months behind on a loan is dispicable. She tells you she is coming to your house to collect. When she arrives, she degrades you and mocks you. She tells...

Tags: Ass Worship, Big Butt, Ebony, Foot Worship
Sign It All Over to Shay - Shay Fox
Shay Fox
Fluffy has been a good slave for Goddess Shay... he's an obedient little loser who has become addicted to smelling her feet and asshole. When he arrives for his humiliation session, Goddess Shay calls him a pathetic little fuck and orders him to crawl to her. She shoves her ass in his face and grinds...

Tags: Ass Worship, Facesitting, Findom, Foot Worship
Ember Snow Slave Orders 7
Ember Snow
Perfect 10 Goddess Ember Snow stops by to see you... she heard that your stepfather passed recently and that you inherited a lot of money. She seems very interested in your inheritance. You try to focus on what she is saying, but she dangles her shoe from her foot and it's very hard not to notice. She...

Tags: Asian, Ass Worship, Foot Worship, Masturbation Instruction
Strip Club Domme 22 - Mia Molotov
Glenn King, Mia Molotov
It's time for another visit to the MeanBitch Strip Club! Glenn is in love the minute he sees the LONG LEGS of Mia Molotov take the stage... she catches him staring at her ass and asks him what he wants to do to it. When he tells her he wants to kiss it, she laughs at him. She tells him "Most men would...

Tags: Ass Worship, Blondes, Facesitting, Foot Worship
Shay Fox Slave Orders
Shay Fox
You have entered Goddess Shay Fox's Dungeon and fallen in love with her. It turned you on so much hearing her sneer and you and taunt you that you barely even noticed when she had you sign a piece of paper and told you not to read it. She spreads her big ass in your face and tells you to stick your nose...

Tags: Ass Worship, Big Butt, Foot Worship, Masturbation Instruction
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content/2418_stephanielove_slaveorders/1.jpg Stephanie Love Slave Orders
Stephanie Love
115 Photos, 9 min of video
content/2416_embersnow_mb/1.jpg Inheritance Lost - Ember Snow
Ember Snow, Glenn King
155 Photos, 41 min of video
content/2415_babygemini_slaveorders/1.jpg Baby Gemini Slave Orders 2
Baby Gemini
137 Photos, 11 min of video
content/2413_shayfox_mb/1.jpg Sign It All Over to Shay - Shay Fox
Shay Fox
109 Photos, 37 min of video
content/2412_embersnow_slaveorders/1.jpg Ember Snow Slave Orders 7
Ember Snow
118 Photos, 17 min of video
content/2410_miamolotov_mb/1.jpg Strip Club Domme 22 - Mia Molotov
Glenn King, Mia Molotov
132 Photos, 42 min of video
content/2409_shayfox_slaveorders/1.jpg Shay Fox Slave Orders
Shay Fox
94 Photos, 7 min of video
content/2407_arianastarr_mab/1.jpg Femdom Sexbot 2 - Ariana Starr
101 Photos, 35 min of video
content/2406_miamolotov_slaveorders/1.jpg Mia Molotov Slave Orders 3
Mia Molotov
113 Photos, 10 min of video
content/2404_alisonrey_mb/1.jpg Mean Bitch Boss 13 - Alison Rey
Alison Rey, Glenn King
146 Photos, 39 min of video
content/2403_arianastarr_slaveorders/1.jpg Ariana Starr Slave Orders 3
Ariana Starr
98 Photos, 7 min of video
content/2401_daisyducati_mb/1.jpg Mean Teacher 5 - Daisy Ducati
Daisy Ducati, Jack Vegas
143 Photos, 38 min of video
content/2400_alisonrey_slaveorders/1.jpg Alison Rey Slave Orders 2
Alison Rey
124 Photos, 8 min of video
content/2398_lanaviolet_mb/1.jpg Beta Boss 4 - Lana Violet
Glenn King, Lana Violet
243 Photos, 41 min of video
content/2397_daisyducati_slaveorders/1.jpg Daisy Ducati Slave Orders 8
Daisy Ducati
128 Photos, 14 min of video
content/2395_badbella_mb/1.jpg Strip Club Domme 21 - XXX - Bad Bella
Bad Bella, Glenn King
174 Photos, 39 min of video
content/2394_lanaviolet_slaveorders/1.jpg Lana Violet Slave Orders 7
Lana Violet
72 Photos, 11 min of video
content/2392_lunababy_mb/1.jpg Puppet Boss 2 - Luna Baby
Luna Baby, Slave Fluffy
145 Photos, 35 min of video
content/2391_badbella_slaveorders/1.jpg Bad Bella Slave Orders 2
Bad Bella
72 Photos, 9 min of video
content/2390_vickichase_footworship/1.jpg Findom Foot Slave - Vicki Chase
14 Photos, 16 min of video
content/2389_leyafalcon_mb/1.jpg Room for Rent 2 - Leya Falcon
Leya Falcon
121 Photos, 35 min of video
content/2388_lunababy_slaveorders/1.jpg Luna Baby Slave Orders
Luna Baby
86 Photos, 10 min of video
content/2386_vickichase_mb/1.jpg Goddess Vicki and Her Paypig - Vicki Chase
Glenn King, Vicki Chase
32 Photos, 22 min of video
content/2385_leyafalcon_slaveorders/1.jpg Leya Falcon Slave Orders 5
Leya Falcon
136 Photos, 8 min of video