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Models / Daisy Ducati

Avg Rating: 4.8

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Mean Teacher 5 - Daisy Ducati
Daisy Ducati, Jack Vegas
The principal stops by to see Miss Ducati... there's a rumor that she's been having sex with the adult students. She tells him it's true but only with the studs. She makes the rest of them bow down and serve her. She tells Principal Vegas that he's not in the stud category, so that means he's going to...

Tags: Ass Worship, Big Butt, Ebony, Facesitting

Daisy Ducati Slave Orders 8
Daisy Ducati
You are the principal of the school. You have heard that one of your teachers has been having sex with the adult students. When you confront her (Daisy Ducati), she laughs at you and tell you that she has only been having sex with the stud adult students. She makes the loser adult students bow down and...

Tags: Ass Worship, Ebony, Foot Worship, Masturbation Instruction

Mean Wrestling Federation: Daisy Ducati vs Fluffy
Daisy Ducati
Our newest Wrestler at the Mean Wrestling Federation is Daisy "The Dream" Ducati. She has incredible raw power that allows her to lift fluffy in the air and toss him around like a ragdoll. With training in multiple martial arts, she knows a variety of submission holds. She's beautiful, mean, and sadistic,...

Tags: Ass Worship, Big Butt, Ebony, Facesitting

Daisy Ducati POV Slave Orders 6
Daisy Ducati
Mistress Daisy knows how you deserve to be treated. She puts a dog collar on you and makes you crawl for her on her leash. Then she makes you sniff her asshole and feet like a good doggie. She even makes you smell her dirty armpits! HOT SLAVE ORDERS, JOI, ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN, AND...

Tags: Ass Worship, Ebony, Foot Worship, Masturbation Instruction

Daisy Ducati 5
Daisy Ducati
Chazz is late paying his taxes so he visits the government tax office to ask for an extension. He meets Miss Ducati, who loves to user her power to enslave and humiliate losers. She makes him worship her feet and lick her ass! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE!

Tags: Ass Worship, Cunnilingus, Ebony, Facesitting

Daisy Ducati POV Slave Orders 5
Daisy Ducati
The coronavirus cost you your job, and now you are late paying your taxes. You go to the government tax office to ask for an extension, but the lady in charge just laughs at you. She tells you there's no way out of this mess for you unless you do everything she tells you to do. She makes you kneel before...

Tags: Ass Worship, Big Butt, Foot Worship, Masturbation Instruction

Daisy Ducati 4
Daisy Ducati
Miss Ducati is a very mean, demanding boss! She tells her accountant to change the profit numbers so she can get paid a big bonus. When he tries to say no, she fires him and tells him she is going to ruin his life forever. He begs to get his job back and tells her he will do anything she tells him. She...

Tags: Ass Worship, Big Butt, Ebony, Foot Worship

Daisy Ducati POV Slave Orders 4
Daisy Ducati
You are an accountant and your boss Miss Ducati wants you to change the numbers in the Profit & Loss Statement so she can get a bonus. You try to say no, but she tells you that you are fired and that she will make sure you never work again. You beg to get your job back... she laughs in your face and...

Tags: Ass Worship, Foot Worship, Masturbation Instruction, POV

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mark m
Daisy is so hot
Definitely one of my favourites
Any chance of getting Daisy back? She is awesome.
Daisy is one of my favorite people in the world.. I'm sure we will have her back again in the future. :)