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Models / Nadia White

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Obedient Senator 2 - Nadia White
JImmy Broadway, Nadia White
Senator Broadway has a dirty little secret: Once a week, a dominatrix comes to his office to degrade and humiliate him. He feels guilty about all the lying he does to the American people, so Goddess Nadia White is more than happy to treat him like the piece of shit scumbag he is. She spanks him like...

Tags: Ass Worship, Facesitting, Foot Worship

Nadia White Slave Orders 3
Nadia White
You are a United States Senator... once a week you have been having Mistress Nadia White come to your office and dominate you... each week she has become meaner and meaner... then one day she ordered you to give her some classified information... you knew you should say no but you couldn't believe how...

Tags: Ass Worship, Big Butt, Foot Worship, Masturbation Instruction

Nadia White is a Goddess
Eriq Dikkersun, Nadia White
Goddess Nadia White is disgusted by perverted wimp slaves. She starts by having eriq crawl into her dungeon and then shoves his head into a puppy bowl so he can eat. She verbally humiliates him and laughs as all his remaining dignity drains out of him... he is humiliated but addicted to being dominated......

Tags: Ass Worship, Facesitting, Foot Worship

Nadia White Slave Orders 2
Nadia White
Goddess Nadia White hates submissive losers. She commands you to crawl into her dungeon and then degrades you... she tells you she thinks you are disgusting as you lick the bottom of her boots... she verbally humiliates you and takes away all of your remaining dignity as you worship her. Then it's time...

Tags: Ass Worship, Big Butt, Foot Worship, Masturbation Instruction

Mean Wrestling Federation: Nadia White vs Glenn King
Nadia White
The Mean Wrestling Federation is proud to present: Nadia White vs Glenn King! A grueling match between two fierce competitors... watch as Nadia torments and stretches Glenn out using real Pro Wrestling moves, along with a lot of foot worship and ass worship. It's Pro Wrestling like you have never seen...

Tags: Ass Worship, Big Butt, Facesitting, Foot Worship

Nadia White Slave Orders
Nadia White
You have a match in the Mean Wrestling Federation with Goddess Nadia White... as you look across the ring at her, you already know she's going to destroy you. The crowd cheers for her and you can hear them laughing at you. It's only a matter of time before you will be at her feet begging for mercy. ...

Tags: Ass Worship, Big Butt, Busty, Foot Worship