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Jade Luv

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Beta Boss 5 - Jade Luv
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Jack has been dating his secretary (Jade Luv) ... she gave him until today to leave his wife, but when she asks him if he did it, he gives her the wrong answer. She calls Jack's wife and tells her that Jack wasn't really on business trips all the times he went away. Then she hangs us and tells Jack she has enough information to ruin Jack's marriage and his career. She tells Jack "you're fucked". She tells Jack he's her slave now and the orders him to kiss her ass. Jack has no choice... Jade smirks at him and says "look at you... you were a boss and now you are on your knees kissing my ass". She makes him kiss her feet and then shoves her dirty shoe in his face so he can smell it. She tells Jack she owns him now as he kisses her feet and makes him say her name. She calls him a worthless piece of shit and makes him lick her asshole. To show him his place, she eats some of the gummy bears on his desk and spits them in his mouth. Then she sits on his face in several positions. In the end, she sits on his face while jerking his hard cock. MISTRESS JADE IS REALLY MEAN AND DEGRADING! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE!

Tags: Asian Ass Worship Facesitting Foot Worship
Jade Luv Slave Orders
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You have been dating your secretary. She gave you until today to leave your wife, but you just couldn't bring yourself to do it. Now Jade is furious at you, and hell hath no fury like a scorned Jade Luv. She tells you that she has pictures and information that can ruin you. From this day forth, you will be nothing but a slave to her. She makes you tell her you are her slave and then orders you to smell her shoe. Then she tells you to kiss her feet and lick her toes... she calls you a dirty pig as you accept your new place. She loves her new power over you so she makes you tell her you are her bitch. After some degrading foot worship, she turns around and pulls up her skirt and demands that you smell her asshole. She spreads her ass wide and tells you to stick your nose in there. Then she makes you kiss her asshole... she can tell that you are getting turned on so she makes you lick her asshole until its clean. Then she makes you smell and lick her pussy. She finishes by making you jerk off to her asshole while she counts down. HOT CLIP WITH LOTS OF ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN, AND MORE! YOU WILL LOVE JADE'S SEXY MONGOLIAN ACCENT!

Tags: Asian Ass Worship Foot Worship Masturbation Instruction

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