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Cali Sweets Slave Orders 2

Cali Sweets 07/12/2024 Available to Members Now!

Mistress Cali enters the dungeon and smirks at you.. she looks down at you and says "well what do we have here? Another submissive little bitch". You are taken aback by how beautiful she is and weakly mumble "yes mistress". She tells you "you are going to take care of all my needs and serve me. I'm your...

Sami Parker Slave Orders 5

Sami Parker 07/05/2024 Available to Members Now!

You go to the MeanBitch Massage Parlor to get some stress release... your masseuse Sami has a BIG ASS and you can't help noticing... she catches you staring at it and calls you a pervert. She asks you if you are in to worshipping asses and tells you that she likes men who are perverts. She puts her sweaty...

Mia James Slave Orders 2

Mia James 06/28/2024 Available to Members Now!

Your findom addiction has caused your life to spiral out of control... you find yourself giving more and more money to online dommes and you have become weaker and weaker. So you visit world famous Dr. Mia James for help. You explain your problem to her. She laughs at you and to understand your problem...

Richelle Ryan Slave Orders 9

Richelle Ryan 06/14/2024 Available to Members Now!

Goddess Richelle Ryan walks into her dungeon and sneers at you "well look at this piece of trash... you are worthless... you are beneath me". She laughs at how pathetic you are and tells you that you belong on the floor. She tells you that her feet are sweaty and unzips her latex boots. She shoves her...

Hime Marie Slave Orders

Hime Marie 06/07/2024 Available to Members Now!

You need some fitness training, so you go to the MeanBitch Gym to be trained by the very best! But you are disappointed when Hime Marie tells you "see that sign over there? It says NO WIMPS". She tells you if you want to be trained by her you need to get on your knees and beg. She says that's where you...

Lauren Phillips Slave Orders 3

Lauren Phillips 05/31/2024 Available to Members Now!

Goddess Lauren Phillips is six feet tall... you are intimidating looking up at her, knowing she is more powerful than you and superior to you in every way. She starts the video by gazing into the camera and telling you "I OWN YOU NOW", and calling you a pathetic dweeb. She mocks you for being smaller...

Jade Luv Slave Orders

Jade Luv 05/24/2024 Available to Members Now!

You have been dating your secretary. She gave you until today to leave your wife, but you just couldn't bring yourself to do it. Now Jade is furious at you, and hell hath no fury like a scorned Jade Luv. She tells you that she has pictures and information that can ruin you. From this day forth, you will...

Stephanie Love Slave Orders

Stephanie Love 05/17/2024 Available to Members Now!

Welcome back to the MeanBitch Strip Club! You have a seat at the main stage and watch as BIG BUTT BIG BOOB BLONDE GODDESS Stephanie Love walks on stage and starts her dance. You are mesmerized as her ass sways back and forth and feel yourself getting weaker and weaker. She asks if you want to have some...

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