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Stephanie Love

Stephanie Love Videos

Strip Club Domme 23 - Stephanie Love
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Jack visits the MeanBitch Strip Club and meets blonde Goddess Stephanie Love! She's STACKED... she's tall and thick with BIG BOOBS AND A HUGE ASS!! She dances on the stage and teases him and then asks if he's the kind of guy she likes to play with. She tells him she only likes to play with weak little bitches... Jack wants desperately to play with her, so he agrees to be her weak little bitch. She makes him take out his cock and lay on the stage and commands him to call her Goddess. The she sits on his face with all her weight. No mercy! He is completely under her control and he loves it... Then she makes him remove her boots and smell the inside.. she has been dancing on the stage all day, so the scent is strong and it drives him wild! She wipes her feet on his face and then spreads her big ass WIDE in front of his face... she makes him beg to smell it and then makes him bury his face DEEP in her ass. She wipes her ass on his face and treats him like an ass-rag. She uses him for her pleasure... This scene has LOTS OF HOT FACESITTING, ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE. STEPHANIE IS A MEAN DOMME WHO REALLY LOVES SLAMMING HER BIG ASS IN HIS FACE!!

Tags: Ass Worship Big Butt Facesitting Foot Worship
Stephanie Love Slave Orders
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Welcome back to the MeanBitch Strip Club! You have a seat at the main stage and watch as BIG BUTT BIG BOOB BLONDE GODDESS Stephanie Love walks on stage and starts her dance. You are mesmerized as her ass sways back and forth and feel yourself getting weaker and weaker. She asks if you want to have some fun and tells you that she only likes submissive guys. You eagerly agree to be her slave and she turns around and spreads her ass so her asshole is right in your face... you can almost smell it through your screen! She orders you to kiss her asshole and you find yourself spiraling deep into subspace. She makes you worship her ass and feet and pussy and then makes you jerk off while you bury your face in her INCREDIBLE ASS!! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN, AND MORE. YOU WILL LOVE THIS NEW GODDESS. SHE REALLY KNOWS HOW TO BE COMMANDING!

Tags: Ass Worship Big Butt Blondes Foot Worship

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