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Mia James

Mia James Videos

Mia James - In Your Face! 2
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No talking in this one... just Mia James BIG ROUND ASS SMASHED UP AGAINST YOUR FACE, along with her FEET AND PUSSY TOO!

Tags: Ass Worship Big Butt Foot Worship
Femdom Therapy 4 - Mia James
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Fluffy's life has been spiraling out of control... women use him and easily take advantage of him. His enjoyment of findom has made him weak and pathetic. So, he visits Dr. Mia James and asks her to cure him. When he tells her he's into financial domination, she sneers at him and says "you mean that loser stuff? Pathetic". She tells him he sounds pathetic. She needs to understand better so she commands him to send her a big tribute. She laughs at how weak he is and how easy it is to take from him. She orders him to give her an even bigger tribute... fluffy knows he should resist but he can't. He gives her even more. She puts her feet up on him and tells him he's a lost cause. She says she can't help a loser like him... but she tells him the good news is that from now on he will be submitting to her only. She tells him he's going to have to pay her double what all her other patients pay, and that he's going to pay all her bills for her, including her mortage and car payment. He meekly agrees to do whatever she says. She orders him to smell her feet and he eagerly inhales. She wipes them all over his face like the human doormat he is... she tells him "look at you... you really are a pathetic loser". She makes him send her another tribute. After some intense foot worship, she spreads her BIG ASS in his face. She tells him that ass is only for real men, but he can kiss her asshole if he begs for it. She makes him send another tribute for the priveledge of asshole sniffing and then tells him "stick your nose in my asshole". She makes him worship her ass and then sits on his face... She makes him send bigger and bigger tributes as she laughs at him and verbally degrades him. In the end, she sits on his face and jerks him off while she humiliates him! WOW THIS SCENE HAS SOME INCREDIBLE...

Tags: Ass Worship Big Butt Facesitting Foot Worship
Mia James Slave Orders 2
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Your findom addiction has caused your life to spiral out of control... you find yourself giving more and more money to online dommes and you have become weaker and weaker. So you visit world famous Dr. Mia James for help. You explain your problem to her. She laughs at you and to understand your problem better, she demands that you send her a large tribute. Hearing her commanding voice triggers you and you immediately send. She calls you a pathetic loser and laughs at how easy it was to get you to obey. Her methods are harsh, but you want to get better so you do what she says. She demands an even larger tribute and you immediately send it. She shakes her head and tells you that you are hopeless... she tells you that no one change the loser that you are. Luckily, she has decided to let you become her financial slave instead of the online dommes you have been worshipping. She orders you to lick the bottom of her shoes while she calls you a bitchboy and laughs at you. She calls you a loser and simp and then makes you worship her feet... she orders you to sniff them and laughs at how pathetic you are... Then she pulls down her skirt to reveal her 43 inch ass and tells you to get your face in it. She tells you "stick your nose right in my pretty little asshole and sniff". She makes you worship, kiss, and lick her asshole... then she makes you worship her tits and pussy... in the end, she makes you jerk off with your face in her BIG ASS while she counts down! Welcome to your new life, loser!! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FINDOM, CUM COUNTDOWN, AND MORE!!

Tags: Ass Worship Big Butt Blondes Foot Worship
The Joy of Blackmail - Mia James
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When Jack's PAWG neighbor Mia stops by to say hello, he is overjoyed... she's STACKED, with HUGE BOOBS AND A HUGE ROUND ASS... she tells him enjoys photography and has taken some amazing pictures around the neighborhood. The best pics were taken from her drone camera. She pulls out her phone to show Jack and he says "hey! Those pics look like my backyard!". She tells him she's disgusted by what she sees in the pictures... the pics show Jack with a dominatrix dressing him up like a sissy and making him crawl around in the dirt. Mia tells him she's going to have to show the pics to Jack's wife. Then she smiles and says "Or... we can do things the easy way". She puts her shoe in his face and orders him to worship it. She takes off her shoes and puts her foot in his face and orders him to sniff it... she laughs when she sees how much he loves smelling her feet. She tells him she saw what he was doing in his backyard and knows exactly what he likes. After some eager foot worship, she pulls down her pants and wiggles her BIG ASS in his face... he is tantalized and turned on... she tells him to smell her asshole and when he does, he's in heaven... she spreads her ass and orders Jack to kiss her asshole... he eagerly showers her asshole with kisses and then licks her asshole clean like a good boy. Then she lays him on the floor so she can squash him with her PAWG ASS... you really see his face go deep! She tells him about all the things he's going to be doing for her... he realizes that this is his new life: a slave to Goddess Mia! ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, AND MUCH MORE!!

Tags: Ass Worship Big Butt Facesitting Foot Worship
Mia James Slave Orders
Available to Members Now!

Your PAWG neighbor Mia stops by to introduce herself... she tells you that her favorite hobby is photography and that she snapped some amazing photos of you in your backyard... the photos show you doing disgusting things with a dominatrix. She tells you it would be unfortunate if the photos went viral... she suggests a better option for you would be to join her stable of slaves. You can start by worshipping her sweaty feet... she expects you to take her shopping and pay all her bills from now on... but most importantly, YOU ARE GOING TO WORSHIP HER HUGE ASS!!! Enjoy your new life, loser! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN, BLACKMAIL-FANTASY, AND MORE!

Tags: Ass Worship Big Butt Foot Worship Masturbation Instruction

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