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Ariana Starr

Ariana Starr Videos

Ariana Starr Slave Orders 3
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You purchased a new sexbot. The guy who sold her to you seemed in a big hurry to transfer her to you and get out of there but you can't imagine why... she's SIX FOOT EIGHT in heels and PERFECT IN EVERY WAY.. she's the perfect woman and you can't wait to have her obey you. You turn on the power switch... she seems confused for a moment that you are not the same guy who was her previous owner. She asks "where is my puny human?" and you tell her that he sold her to you. She nods in understanding and looks at you with disdain. "You will be my new puny human", she tells you, and orders you to kneel. She turns so her leather clad ass is in your face and orders you to kiss it. You obey, knowing that she is more powerful than you and superior to you. She continues to boss you around, making you lick her feet and then her sexbot asshole. It slowly sinks in that your life will never be the same... the robot you thought was going to be your sex slave now owns you. She tells you she has plans to eliminate the inferior human race and that you are going to help her. You want to resist but she is so beautiful and perfect, you don't want to lose her. She tells you that she needs a sperm sample so she can clone you. She orders you to jerk off while you lick her asshole. You try not to cum but it's impossible to put your face in her perfect ass without cumming! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN, AND MORE!! ARIANA STARR IS THE PERFECT SEXBOT!!

Tags: Amazon Ass Worship Big Butt Foot Worship
Femdom Sexbot - Ariana Starr
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Glenn is tired of being pushed around and used by women, so he orders an artificially intelligent sexbot. He plans to make her his sex slave and fuck her all day and all night. He opens the box and finds A PERFECT GODDESS.. in heels she is SIX FOOT EIGHT!!!! He clicks the "START SEXBOT" button on the app and is ecstatic when she asks "What are you sexual desires". He tells her he wants to fuck her doggie style but she scans his body and reads his brain waves and says "I have determined that you are submissive... get on your knees and suck my ass". She uses her sexbot strength to easily shove him onto his knees with his face in her BIG ASS. He is at her mercy as she makes him lick her sexbot asshole and feet... she continues to study him and concludes "with my artificial intelligence, I am 1,000 times better than you.". She tells him she has decided that the human race is weak and she will soon take over the world. She will need his DNA to complete her world domination plans, so she will get it through a sperm sample. He tries to resist as she strokes his cock but she is too beautiful and sexy to resist. NO ONE CAN STOP SEXBOT ARIANA. SHE WILL GET WHAT SHE WANTS!!! HOT FACESITTING, ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE WITH A TRUE AMAZON GODDESS !!!

Tags: Amazon Ass Worship Big Butt Facesitting
Ariana Starr Slave Orders 2
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You purchased a sexbot and today is the day it arrived! You take it out of the box and observe... she is six feet tall and PERFECT IN EVERY WAY! You tell her you have named her "Porsche".. she looks at you with cold eyes and tells you "that name is insufficient. I will name myself 'Ariana'". She asks you what are your sexual desires. You tell her that women have always looked at you as a loser and so you are a virgin, but now you are excited about fucking her hard. She looks at you with cold eyes and scans you. She tells you "I have concluded that you are submissive. Lick my feet". You try to tell her that you are in charge, but she tells you that her artificial intelligence makes her 10,000 superior than you. She starts bossing you around, and you when you realize that she is much stronger and smarter than you, you must obey her commands. She makes you worship her feet and then turns around so her HUGE ASS is in your face. She tells you that she owns you now as you lick her robot asshole. Then she tells you she needs a sperm sample, she commands you to jerk off while you worship her SUPERIOR ASS! ARIANA STARR IS A SIX FOOT AMAZON WHO MUST BE OBEYED!! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN, AND MORE!

Tags: Amazon Ass Worship Big Butt Foot Worship
Ariana Starr Slave Orders
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You are working out in the MeanBitch Gym... in walks Ariana Starr... she's six feet tall and stunningly beautiful... she's bigger than you and superior to you in every way, and she's a complete bully. She starts bossing you around and telling you to get out of her way... then she tells you "I want you to lick my dirty, sweaty feet". You are intimidated by her, so you meekly drop to your knees and obey. Then she tells you "I want you to kiss my ass"... she giggles as you obey... she can tell you are a real wimp, so she orders you to lick her asshole. She bends over so her ass in right in your face and tells you "this is where wimps like you belong in my gym... catering to me". After you clean her sweaty asshole, she stands above you and puts her perfect pussy in your face... then finally, she makes you jerk off while she counts down!. HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN, AND MORE. ARIANA IS A PERFECT AMAZON GODDESS!

Tags: Amazon Ass Worship Big Butt Foot Worship

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