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Shay Fox

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Sign It All Over to Shay - Shay Fox
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Fluffy has been a good slave for Goddess Shay... he's an obedient little loser who has become addicted to smelling her feet and asshole. When he arrives for his humiliation session, Goddess Shay calls him a pathetic little fuck and orders him to crawl to her. She shoves her ass in his face and grinds her asshole on his nose, sending him into subspace. She pulls out a document for him to sign... he asks if he can read it but she tells him to just sign it. He knows he should resist but having her ass on his face has made him weak. She takes pictures of the document and then makes a phone call. She tells Fluffy he just signed a Power of Attorney giving complete power over all his money and assets. She laughs at what an idiot he is and tells him that her friends will be emptying his bank accounts and transferring everything he owns to her. And he will have the humiliation of worshipping the woman who is taking everything from him. She tells him "I own you. And I'm taking every fucking penny!". After more ass licking, she puts her big feet in his face... HER FEET ARE BIGGER THAN FLUFFY'S HEAD!! She makes him smell them and then lick up all the sweat from her feet. She makes him worship her ass and feet in a variety of positions while his bank accounts are being drained, reminding him constantly about how he will soon be broke and poor. She sits on his face with her full weight, controlling him... then she uses him to make her pussy cum all over his mouth. In the end, she jerks him off while sitting on his face and degrading him! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FINDOM, AND MORE!

Tags: Ass Worship Facesitting Findom Foot Worship
Shay Fox Slave Orders
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You have entered Goddess Shay Fox's Dungeon and fallen in love with her. It turned you on so much hearing her sneer and you and taunt you that you barely even noticed when she had you sign a piece of paper and told you not to read it. She spreads her big ass in your face and tells you to stick your nose in it... you fall deep into sub space as you sniff and lick her beautiful asshole. She tells you that contract you signed is legally binding and gives her access to all of your finances. Her employees are already accessing your accounts and draining you while you stupidly tongue fuck her ass... she laughs at how easy it is to exploit losers like you who are too submissive to stop a powerful woman. She makes you worship her feet and then service her pussy.... you know she is taking everything from you and you can feel your dignity and life savings draining away... but it turns you on being used and then thrown away like trash. THIS IS WHERE YOU BELONG, LOSER!! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FINDOM, CUM COUNTDOWN, AND MORE!

Tags: Ass Worship Big Butt Foot Worship Masturbation Instruction

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