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Inheritance Lost - Ember Snow
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Glenn and Ember have known each other for many years... she knows exactly how to manipulate him to get whatever she wants. When she finds out that he recently inherited a large sum of money, she decides to pay him a visit. As they chat, she casually dangles her shoe off her foot... she smirks as she sees that he can't take his eyes off her feet. She shoves her dirty shoe into his face and laughs at how it drives him crazy... she makes him tell her that he loves her shoes. She wiggles her size pretty little size 5.5 asian feet in his face and makes him ask permission to lick them. She wipes her feet all over his face while telling he's going to give his inheritance to her. After some very passionate foot worship, she tell him she knows what he really loves: her perfect little bubble butt. She turns around and puts her ass in his face and hikes up her skirt. She teases him, swaying her ass back and forth close to his face. She winks her asshole at him and makes him pray and beg to kiss her asshole. She makes him lick her ass and worship every inch of it... then she sits on his face and grinds her amazing pussy and ass all over his face... she tells him she's going to take everything from him and there's nothing he can do about it. She makes him tell her he's going to go to the bank and withdraw all his inheritance and give it to her... there's no way for him to say now when she's sitting on his face... he's completely helpless. It's bye bye inheritance for poor glenny! HOT ASS WORSHIP , FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, TEASING, AND MUCH MORE!! EMBER IS A PERFECT 10!!

Tags: Asian Ass Worship Facesitting Foot Worship

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