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Sunday July 30
Monday July 1
Brat Domme 7 - Rylee Blake

Rylee is a terrible employee... she is late for work every day, wears inappropriate clothing, and doesn't do any work. When her boss (Glenn King) tries to correct her, she laughs at him and reminds him that her relative owns the company. She knows she can get away with anything she wants, so she walks around the desk and shoves her bratty ass in his face. She orders him to sniff it... she smirks at him and says "I know you want this". She giggles and orders him to kiss it... she calls him a "fucking loser" and laughs at him again. Then she makes him worship her bratty little size five feet... she makes him take off her shoes and smell them while calls him a loser, and then makes him lick her feet while she calls him a weirdo. Then she tells him "I'm gonna use you like a fucking chair". She sits on his face and jiggles and shakes as his nose goes into her asshole. Then she bends over the desk and commands him to sniff her asshole... he is nothing more than a helpless plaything at this point. In the end, she sits on his face while she jerks his cock! YOU WILL LOVE HEARING BRATTY RYLEE GIGGLE AND LAUGH AT HER PATHETIC BOSS AND YOU WILL LOVE WATCHING HER ASS JIGGLE AND SHAKE! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, BRATDOMME, AND MORE!
Brat Domme 7 - Rylee Blake

Tuesday July 2
Wednesday July 3
Richelle Ryan - In Your Face! 3

No talking in this one... just EXTREME CLOSEUPS of BIG ASS, BIG BOOBS, AND FEET!! So close you will almost be able to sniff her through your screen!
Richelle Ryan - In Your Face! 3

Thursday July 4
Friday July 5
Sami Parker Slave Orders 5

You go to the MeanBitch Massage Parlor to get some stress release... your masseuse Sami has a BIG ASS and you can't help noticing... she catches you staring at it and calls you a pervert. She asks you if you are in to worshipping asses and tells you that she likes men who are perverts. She puts her sweaty feet in your face and tells you to kiss them. Your submissive nature takes over and you find yourself obeying. Sami tells you to thank her for her feet... she tells you she likes having you on your knees, and then tells you to smell her feet. After some passionate foot worship, she instructs you to kneel between her legs and worship her pussy. She makes you tell her "I will do everything you say, Mistress" as you lick her pussy. Then she turns around and spreads her ass in your face. She tells you to give her asshole a kiss and then giggles as you obey. Then she tells you "be a good slave and put your tongue in my ass". She makes you worship her pretty ass while she giggles and laughs at you... then she makes you jerk off for her. She counts down as you tongue her asshole and jerk off until you cum all over yourself!! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN, AND MUCH MORE!!
Sami Parker Slave Orders 5

Saturday July 6
Sunday July 7
Monday July 8
Femdom Therapy 4 - Mia James

Fluffy's life has been spiraling out of control... women use him and easily take advantage of him. His enjoyment of findom has made him weak and pathetic. So, he visits Dr. Mia James and asks her to cure him. When he tells her he's into financial domination, she sneers at him and says "you mean that loser stuff? Pathetic". She tells him he sounds pathetic. She needs to understand better so she commands him to send her a big tribute. She laughs at how weak he is and how easy it is to take from him. She orders him to give her an even bigger tribute... fluffy knows he should resist but he can't. He gives her even more. She puts her feet up on him and tells him he's a lost cause. She says she can't help a loser like him... but she tells him the good news is that from now on he will be submitting to her only. She tells him he's going to have to pay her double what all her other patients pay, and that he's going to pay all her bills for her, including her mortage and car payment. He meekly agrees to do whatever she says. She orders him to smell her feet and he eagerly inhales. She wipes them all over his face like the human doormat he is... she tells him "look at you... you really are a pathetic loser". She makes him send her another tribute. After some intense foot worship, she spreads her BIG ASS in his face. She tells him that ass is only for real men, but he can kiss her asshole if he begs for it. She makes him send another tribute for the priveledge of asshole sniffing and then tells him "stick your nose in my asshole". She makes him worship her ass and then sits on his face... She makes him send bigger and bigger tributes as she laughs at him and verbally degrades him. In the end, she sits on his face and jerks him off while she humiliates him! WOW THIS SCENE HAS SOME INCREDIBLE VERBAL HUMILIATION ALONG WITH HOT ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE!
Femdom Therapy 4 - Mia James

Tuesday July 9
Wednesday July 10
Rylee Blake - In Your Face!

No talking in this one - just cute brat Rylee Blake SHOVING HER ASS, PUSSY, AND FEET IN YOUR FACE!! Extreme closeups that will have you KISSING YOUR SCREEN!!
Rylee Blake - In Your Face!

Thursday July 11
Friday July 12
Cali Sweets Slave Orders 2

Mistress Cali enters the dungeon and smirks at you.. she looks down at you and says "well what do we have here? Another submissive little bitch". You are taken aback by how beautiful she is and weakly mumble "yes mistress". She tells you "you are going to take care of all my needs and serve me. I'm your master now". She orders you to kiss her leather boot "NOW" and you immediately drop to the cold floor so you can obey her command. She tells you that you are going to be buying her a lot more expensive boots and you become weaker knowing she will drain you. She turns around so you can see her bubble butt and she tells you to kiss it. She spreads her ass and sways back and forth, teasing you with her delicious asshole. She commands you "put your nose in and SNIFF IT". You are in heaven as you inhale her divine scent. She laughs at you and calls you pathetic as you sniff and lick her ass. She takes off her boots... her feet are sweaty from being in those boots and she wiggles her toes in your face and orders you to sniff them. You are humiliated as she laughs at you while you kiss and smell and lick her beautiful feet. She calls you inferior and weak and tells you that your purpose in life is to serve her. She makes you worship her pussy and then tells you to take out your cock. She tells you to lick her ass while you jerk off and then counts down for you! HOT SLAVE ORDERS! MISTRESS CALI IS BEAUTIFUL AND DEGRADING AND HER ASS WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO COMPLETELY GIVE IN TO HER!
Cali Sweets Slave Orders 2

Saturday July 13
Sunday July 14
Monday July 15
MeanBitch Massage - Sami Parker

Glenn goes to the MeanBitch Massage parlor for a relaxing massage. His masseuse (Sami Parker) tells him to "lay down like a good boy". He strips down and lays on the table and is surprised when she strips also and rubs her pussy on the back of his head. She climbs on the table and slides her naked body up and down his back, rubbing her pussy juices all over him. She tells him to turn over... then she sits on him face up so that her feet are right in his face. She tells to sniff her feet and then laughs at how much it turns him on. She asks "are you one of those submissive bitches who likes to worship feet?" and then orders him to kiss them. She knows she has him where she wants him... she makes him kiss and lick and worship her feet. She tells him he is her slave now and then turns around so she can put her ass on his face. She rubs her pussy and ass on his tongue and commands him to "KISS MY ASSHOLE". She wiggles her big ass on his face and makes him thank her as he worships her ass. Then she turns around again... she laughs at him and says "look at you turning red!" as he is completely submerged in her pussy and ass. Then she turns around again and STARTS SUCKING HIS COCK! After tantalizing him with her incredible blowjob techniques, she goes on all fours so he can sniff her ass and then lick it (with some good closeups!). Then it's time for more facesitting and ass worship... she makes him lick her pussy until she cums in his mouth.. in the end, she sits on his face and sucks his cock until he blows his load! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE! THIS IS WHAT ALL MASSAGES SHOULD BE LIKE!!
MeanBitch Massage - Sami Parker

Tuesday July 16
Wednesday July 17
Mia James - In Your Face! 2

No talking in this one... just Mia James BIG ROUND ASS SMASHED UP AGAINST YOUR FACE, along with her FEET AND PUSSY TOO!
Mia James - In Your Face! 2

Thursday July 18
Friday July 19
Saturday July 20
Savanah Storm Slave Orders

Coming 07/20/2024

Savanah Storm Slave Orders

Sunday July 21
Monday July 22
Tuesday July 23
Cali Sweets is a Goddess

Coming 07/23/2024

Cali Sweets is a Goddess

Wednesday July 24
Sami Parker - In Your Face! 3

Coming 07/24/2024

No talking in this one... just Sami Parker's AMAZING CURVES IN YOUR FACE! EXTREME CLOSEUPS OF ASS, PUSSY, AND FEET!!
Sami Parker - In Your Face! 3

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