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Emma Hix

Emma Hix Videos

Mean Bitch Boss 2 - Emma Hix
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Jack's secretary went behind his back to his boss and told him that Jack is worthless. He promoted her and now she is Jack's new boss! She makes him wear a collar and leash to the office, and makes him work in a cage. To add to the humiliation, she makes him tell her how worthless he is. His new job involves ass eating, foot worship, facesitting, and obedience!

Tags: Ass Worship Cunnilingus Facesitting Foot Worship
Emma Hix Slave Orders 3
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Your new secretary Emma went over your head to your boss and told him you are worthless. He promoted her, so now she is your new boss. It's simple... she's an alpha and you are a beta so it's only natural for you to be working for her. She degrades you and then orders you to crawl under her desk and lick her asshole. You will be working in a pink cage next to her desk from now on. You do want to keep your job DON'T YOU? HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN, AND MORE!

Tags: Ass Worship Blondes Foot Worship POV
Emma Hix 2
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Glenn orders some food to eat at the pool but when the sexy food delivery girl arrives, she starts bossing him around. She knows a weak simp when she sees one... she soon has him feeding her the food he ordered while she relaxes by his pool. Within a few minutes, she has her new slave agreeing to do all her deliveries for her. SHE OWNS HIM! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, HANDJOB, AND MORE!

Tags: Ass Worship Blondes Cunnilingus Foot Worship
Emma Hix Slave Orders 2
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You ordered some food and when the delivery girl arrives you find yourself weak at the knees. She's so sexy that you barely even notice when she starts bossing you around. You want to please her. You soon find yourself on your knees kissing her feet and agreeing to make all her deliveries for her. While you are out working for her, she will be relaxing at your pool. That's what being a simp is all about, right? Do as you are told, simp! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN, AND MORE!

Tags: Ass Worship Foot Worship Masturbation Instruction
Emma Hix
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It's Emma's birthday! And instead of jewelry or a new car, Marcus bought her some fetish lingerie. When she puts it on, she changes from a sweet, innocent beauty to a demanding, bossy Goddess! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, HANDJOB, and MORE!

Tags: Ass Worship Blondes Facesitting Foot Worship
Emma Hix POV Slave Orders
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Mistress Emma Hix is beautiful. She's the kind of woman you want to throw yourself on the ground for so she doesn't have to let her perfect feet touch the dirty floor. She looks at you and sees prey. She knows weakness when she sees it... she gives you orders and you obey. Because you want to please her very, very much. HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN, AND MORE!

Tags: Ass Worship Foot Worship Masturbation Instruction POV


One of the most absolutely divine girls on the site. Please bring back!
I signed up on this site for emma hix, kiara cole, jianna jensen and rebel lynn
Emma and Rebel are both pregnant. We are excited for both of them and wish them the best! We have never shot jianna jensen, but would love to shoot Kiara Cole again some time!
Emma the best!

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