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Welcome to MeanBitch Productions, the world's #1 site for Femdom, Ass Worship, Facesitting, Foot Worship, and more - Directed by legendary AVN Hall of Famer Glenn King!

My Latest Updates


Mean Teacher 2 - Kaiya Rose

Kaiya Rose 08/01/2022 Available to Members Now!

Miss Rose is a mean teacher... she loves dominating her students and using them as her servants. She makes the students wash her car and come to her house to do chores, and even makes them pay for their grades. When the principal comes to confront her, she turns the tables on him and starts giving him...

Lola Fae Slave Orders 5

Lola Fae 07/29/2022 Available to Members Now!

You are a plumber... you are called out to a house to fix leaky pipe and meet sexy customer Lola Fae. She starts bossing you around and orders you to crawl under her sink. As you look up at her, she tells you "you belong down there" and you realize that you are in the presence of someone superior to...

Strip Club Domme 13 - Morgan Lee

Glenn King , Morgan Lee 07/25/2022 Available to Members Now!

It's time for another trip to the Mean Bitch Strip Club! This time Glenn meets the legendary Morgan Lee, who is famous for sexually devouring men! She commands Glenn to come to her stage and immediately takes charge. She makes him worship her delicious feet and then pulls his face HARD into her beautiful...

Kaiya Rose Slave Orders 3

07/22/2022 Available to Members Now!

You are the principal of the school... you found out that one of your teachers (Miss Kaiya Rose) has been making the student wash her car and has been charging them to give good grades. You confront her but instead of denying it, she starts bossing you around. She puts her beautiful feet out in front...

Mean Personal Trainer 2 - Alyx Star

Alyx Star , Eriq Dikkersun 07/18/2022 Available to Members Now!

Eriq visits the Mean Bitch Gym for a workout and meets tall, thick Personal Trainer Alyx Star! Today is his lucky day... it's "WIMP WORKOUT" day!! She starts his training by making him kiss her dirty shoes each time he does a pushup, and then sits on his face while he lifts tiny weights that are specially...

Morgan Lee Slave Orders

Morgan Lee 07/15/2022 Available to Members Now!

It's time for another trip to the MeanBitch Strip Club! This time you meet beautiful stripper Morgan Lee... she is looking for an obedient simp to worship her in the club and thinks you are perfect for her! She seduces and commands you... you will be happy to worship her delicious feet and lick her amazing...

Mean Bitch Boss 8 - Destiny Cruz

Destiny Cruz , Slave Fluffy 07/11/2022 Available to Members Now!

Miss Cruz expects her employees to perform at the highest levels... she calls Fluffy into her office to express her displeasure at his poor sales numbers and quickly has him on his knees begging to keep his job. She verbally humiliates him until he has no pride or self-esteem left, and then informs him...

Alyx Star Slave Orders 2

Alyx Star 07/08/2022 Available to Members Now!

Welcome back to the Mean Bitch Gym! You are in luck... your personal trainer Goddess Alyx is running a special on wimp workouts today! She's bigger and stronger than you, so it's best to as you are told...She gets you get down on your hands and knees and do some shoe-kissing pushups and then it's on...

Courtney Taylor is Domme

Courtney Taylor , Glenn King 07/04/2022 Available to Members Now!

Courtney Taylor is a perfect 10 Goddess. Men fall at her feet and will do ANYTHING to worship her. She takes slave Glenn into her dungeon and teases him until he is begging to serve her... then she makes him sign over the title to his car to be able to worship her feet. He still wants more so she keeps...

Destiny Cruz Slave Orders 4

Destiny Cruz 07/01/2022 Available to Members Now!

Your boss Miss Cruz hates you. She thinks you are the worst employee in the company and spends most of her time each day yelling at you. She knows just how to make you feel humiliated and worthless all the time. She makes you crawl on the floor and beg for your job, and then orders you to show how bad...

Clothing Store Domme - Yumi Sin

Yumi Sin 06/27/2022 Available to Members Now!

When spoiled brat Yumi walks into a clothing store, she expects the hired help to do anything they can to be useful for her. As she walks around the store throwing clothes on the floor, she notices the sales clerk down there picking them up. She tells him "while you are down there, why don't you lick...

Courtney Taylor Slave Orders 10

Courtney Taylor 06/24/2022 Available to Members Now!

Today is your lucky day! Goddess Courtney Taylor has graciously decided to let you crawl to her and worship her superior body! And she is even going to allow you to sign over your house and all your finances to her! Are you the luckiest little financial sub ever!! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN,...

Prison Bitch - Cali Caliente

Cali Caliente , Slave Fluffy 06/20/2022 Available to Members Now!

It's Fluffy's first day on the job as a prison guard and he is intimidated by the prisoners. Sexy inmate Cali (Cali Caliente) tells him she runs this prison and offers to give him some protection. She tells him that all he has to do is bow down and kiss her feet. He does it but then she tells him it's...

Yumi Sin Slave Orders

Yumi Sin 06/17/2022 Available to Members Now!

You work in a clothing store... a beautiful customer (Yumi Sin) comes in... she complains about the quality of the clothing and is rude to you as she browses through the store. She throws clothing on the floor and mocks you as you pick it up. She is so bratty and demanding that you are completely intimidated....

Package Delivery Bitch

Jack Vegas , Mellanie Monroe 06/13/2022 Available to Members Now!

Jack is doing his package delivery job when he meets Goddess Mellanie Monroe! Goddess Mellanie ordered a new leash and collar and needed someone to put it on, so he makes him bring the package into her house and place it at her feet. She orders him to put the collar on... he's not sure what to do, but...

Cali Caliente Slave Orders 2

Cali Caliente 06/10/2022 Available to Members Now!

It's your first day on the job as a prison guard and you are very nervous. You have heard stories about what happened to the last guy who had your job and what the inmates did to him. You meet Cali... she tells you that she runs this place. She tells you she can protect you from the other inmates, but...

Brat Domme 2 - Allie Addison

Allie Addison 06/06/2022 Available to Members Now!

Bratty Allie always gets what she wants... she is a spoiled brat who knows how to wrap men around her little finger and then use them for whatever she wishes. Her mom's boyfriend had no chance of resisting her and now he lives to serve her. She comes come from a hard day of shopping on his credit cards.....

Mellanie Monroe Slave Orders 2

Mellanie Monroe 06/01/2022 Available to Members Now!

You are a package delivery guy... you bring a package to a very nice house but when you knock on the door, a lady inside tells you to bring it in. It's against the rules for you to bring packages past the front door but she commands you to do it and you can't resist obeying her. You are stunned to see...

Noisy Neighbors - Destiny Cruz & Sarah Jessie

Destiny Cruz , Glenn King 05/30/2022 Available to Members Now!

Glenn's neighbors (Destiny Cruz and Sarah Jessie) have wild parties every night and make so much noise that he can't hear his own TV set. He goes to their house to ask them to be more considerate but they just laugh at him and call him a loser. They tell him to get on his knees and beg them and when...

Allie Addison Slave Orders

Allie Addison 05/27/2022 Available to Members Now!

Bratty Allie is spoiled and pampered and always gets her way. She has been out shopping all day on your credit card and feels like you don't appreciate her for doing it. She orders you to get on your knees for her and smell her dirty shoes and then laughs and calls you a loser... then she makes you bury...

Most Popular Updates


Mistress Lyra Louvel

Lyra Louvel 07/27/2015 Available to Members Now!

Mistress Lyra Louvel is a Real-Life Pro Domme who loves being worshipped! She puts a dog collar on Slave Jack and makes him her bitch. He loves being used and owned, and she loves having her Ass licked. Great Facesitting, Foot Worship, Ass Worship!

Kiara Cole

Kiara Cole 03/11/2019 Available to Members Now!

Mr Vegas is stunned when an incredibly hot 19 year old walks into his office and tells him she wants to apply for a job. She knows when an older man is weak around hot young women so she starts bossing him around to see what he will do. Within 3 minutes, she has him down on his knees licking her beautiful...

AJ Applegate POV Slave Orders 3

AJ Applegate 08/07/2015 Available to Members Now!

AJ Applegate has been the most popular model on MeanBitches.com for almost a year. She's back - for more Ass Worship, more Foot Worship, and more Worship!!

Brenna Sparks 2

Brenna Sparks 07/02/2018 Available to Members Now!

Hot Asian Cheerleader Brenna is the Queen of her school and the only person who doesn't know it yet is Principal King. He brings her into his office to scold her, but soon finds himself on his knees licking her perfect, bratty asshole! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, AND MORE!!

Jezabel Vessir 2

Jezabel Vessir 10/03/2016 Available to Members Now!

Jezabel calls David's handyman service to fix a drawer that's stuck but soon realizes that he is not enough of a man for the job. She tells him he is a little sissy bitch so she is going to treat him that way. She makes him put on a slutty outfit and a wig so she can see his true self. Then she locks...

Ana Foxxx POV Slave Orders 2

Ana Foxxx 01/15/2016 Available to Members Now!

Ana Foxxx is back! She's one of the prettiest women in all of adult entertainment and she LOVES whiteboys! You will feel inferior as you gaze upon her perfect dark skin and know that you must serve like all other white boys. Bow down before Mistress Ana! ASS WORSHIP, POV, FOOT WORSHIP, MASTURBATION INSTRUCTIONS...

Lrya Louvel POV Slave Orders

Lyra Louvel 07/03/2015 Available to Members Now!

We at MeanWorld are proud to Introduce you today to a new Mistress - Mistress Lyra Louvel ! She's a Pro Domme who loves to use men for sexual pleasure. You will love being her sex slave!

Alexis Texas - 2012

Alexis Texas 09/18/2014 Available to Members Now!

This scene is actually pretty recent - A great scene with Alexis Texas in the Dungeon with Slave Jeremy. A lot of sweat in this one!

Mean Package Delivery - Alyx Star

Alyx Star 05/24/2021 Available to Members Now!

Fluffy ordered a package of sex toys and is surprised to see that his package delivery girl is 5 foot 9, thick, and SMOKIN' HOT! She barges past him and walks into his house, and then tells him "Sometimes I like to look in people's packages and see what they ordered and wow... I have never seen anything...

Emma Hix 2

Emma Hix 09/07/2020 Available to Members Now!

Glenn orders some food to eat at the pool but when the sexy food delivery girl arrives, she starts bossing him around. She knows a weak simp when she sees one... she soon has him feeding her the food he ordered while she relaxes by his pool. Within a few minutes, she has her new slave agreeing to do...

Sarah Banks Facesitting & Ass Worship

Sarah Banks 06/19/2017 Available to Members Now!

Ebony Hottie Sarah Banks LOVES having her Ass worshipped by a submissive whiteboy! So, she calls an escort service and has them send over a white male prostitute! ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FEMDOM POV, CUM COUNTDOWN & MORE!

Ryan Conner 6

Ryan Conner 12/05/2016 Available to Members Now!

Miss Conner is an arrogant Executive who loves to degrade her employees. She finds Snoop the Janitor working late night and decides to make him rim her asshole. BIG ASS, FOOT WORSHIP, ASS WORSHIP, AND MORE!

Kristina Rose 4

Kristina Rose 06/27/2016 Available to Members Now!

Mistress Kristina Rose is back!! She locked her pathetic slave in a dog cage.. she starts by rubbing her ass all over the cage and making him smell it. She spanks his ass while she tells him what a whore he is, and lets him know that she will be whoring him out. She makes him sniff her asshole like the...

Marsha May 2

Marsha May 09/21/2015 Available to Members Now!

Blonde Hottie Marsha May is back! This time we put her in the Dungeon with Slave Jack so she could have some fun. She is the ultimate brat-domme, and her Ass Worship shots are spectacular! Great Foot Worship and Facesitting too!

Marsha May

Marsha May 07/13/2015 Available to Members Now!

Hot little 20 year old brat Marsha enslaves her stepdaddy! She makes him stick his tongue deep in her tight little cheerleader asshole and then makes him lick up all her toe sweat!


Siri 07/02/2013 Available to Members Now!

Siri is a therapist who turns her wimpy patient into her slave!

Kenzie Madison

Kenzie Madison 01/20/2020 Available to Members Now!

Marcus's wife hired their cute bratty next-door neighbor Kenzie to be her assistant. As soon as the wife leaves them alone, Kenzie takes charge! She knows that old men will do anything she tells them to do... she mocks Marcus and degrades him as he obeys her every command. She's a spoiled brat and always...

Lola Fae POV Slave Orders

Lola Fae 12/06/2019 Available to Members Now!

Its the day of your divorce and you wife calls you a bitch and yells at you to sign the papers. As you sign, your wife smiles cruelly and laughs at you. She tells you that she has been fucking your divorce lawyer and you just signed a paper that says she gets EVERYTHING. She owns you now. From now on,...

Kiara Cole 3

Kiara Cole 07/01/2019 Available to Members Now!

Alec's hot stepdaughter COMPLETELY OWNS HIM. She comes home from a day of spending his money to find him watching a football game with a friend. She makes him turn it off and then has him lie on the floor so her precious feet dont have to touch a stain on the carpet. She makes him rub tanning oil on...

Kiara Cole POV Slave Orders 2

Kiara Cole 04/05/2019 Available to Members Now!

Your stepdaughter Kiara is so incredibly hot.. and she knows how easy it is to wrap a man around her little finger. She lays on your bed and and seduces you.. you try to resist but it's impossible.. you want to please her. You soon find yourself licking her delicious 19 year old feet and kissing her...

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