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Welcome to MeanBitch Productions, the world's #1 site for Femdom, Ass Worship, Facesitting, Foot Worship, and more - Directed by legendary AVN Hall of Famer Glenn King!

My Latest Updates


Mia James - In Your Face! 2

Mia James 07/17/2024 Available to Members Now!

No talking in this one... just Mia James BIG ROUND ASS SMASHED UP AGAINST YOUR FACE, along with her FEET AND PUSSY TOO!

MeanBitch Massage - Sami Parker

Glenn King , Sami Parker 07/15/2024 Available to Members Now!

Glenn goes to the MeanBitch Massage parlor for a relaxing massage. His masseuse (Sami Parker) tells him to "lay down like a good boy". He strips down and lays on the table and is surprised when she strips also and rubs her pussy on the back of his head. She climbs on the table and slides her naked body...

Cali Sweets Slave Orders 2

Cali Sweets 07/12/2024 Available to Members Now!

Mistress Cali enters the dungeon and smirks at you.. she looks down at you and says "well what do we have here? Another submissive little bitch". You are taken aback by how beautiful she is and weakly mumble "yes mistress". She tells you "you are going to take care of all my needs and serve me. I'm your...

Rylee Blake - In Your Face!

Rylee Blake 07/10/2024 Available to Members Now!

No talking in this one - just cute brat Rylee Blake SHOVING HER ASS, PUSSY, AND FEET IN YOUR FACE!! Extreme closeups that will have you KISSING YOUR SCREEN!!

Femdom Therapy 4 - Mia James

Mia James 07/08/2024 Available to Members Now!

Fluffy's life has been spiraling out of control... women use him and easily take advantage of him. His enjoyment of findom has made him weak and pathetic. So, he visits Dr. Mia James and asks her to cure him. When he tells her he's into financial domination, she sneers at him and says "you mean that...

Sami Parker Slave Orders 5

Sami Parker 07/05/2024 Available to Members Now!

You go to the MeanBitch Massage Parlor to get some stress release... your masseuse Sami has a BIG ASS and you can't help noticing... she catches you staring at it and calls you a pervert. She asks you if you are in to worshipping asses and tells you that she likes men who are perverts. She puts her sweaty...

Richelle Ryan - In Your Face! 3

Richelle Ryan 07/03/2024 Available to Members Now!

No talking in this one... just EXTREME CLOSEUPS of BIG ASS, BIG BOOBS, AND FEET!! So close you will almost be able to sniff her through your screen!

Brat Domme 7 - Rylee Blake

Rylee Blake 07/01/2024 Available to Members Now!

Rylee is a terrible employee... she is late for work every day, wears inappropriate clothing, and doesn't do any work. When her boss (Glenn King) tries to correct her, she laughs at him and reminds him that her relative owns the company. She knows she can get away with anything she wants, so she walks...

Mia James Slave Orders 2

Mia James 06/28/2024 Available to Members Now!

Your findom addiction has caused your life to spiral out of control... you find yourself giving more and more money to online dommes and you have become weaker and weaker. So you visit world famous Dr. Mia James for help. You explain your problem to her. She laughs at you and to understand your problem...

Hime Marie - In Your Face!

Hime Marie 06/26/2024 Available to Members Now!

No talking in this one - just SEXY Hime Marie shoving her ass and pussy and feet RIGHT IN YOUR FACE! EXTREME CLOSEUPS SO CLOSE YOU WILL ALMOST BE ABLE TO SMELL HER THROUGH YOUR SCREEN!

Richelle Ryan is a Goddess

Richelle Ryan 06/24/2024 Available to Members Now!

Goddess Richelle starts this scene by degrading her slave and telling him how pathetic he is... she treats him like a dog and tells him to stick his face in her HUGE ASS. She laughs at him and tells him how much she hates him... then she tells him his new name is "Toto". She makes him fetch and laughs...

Rylee Blake Slave Orders

Rylee Blake 06/21/2024 Available to Members Now!

Rylee is the worst employee you have ever had... She shows up late for work all the time, wears inappropriate clothing, and has a terrible attitude. When you try to tell her to do better, she reminds you that her relative owns the company. She could easily get you fired. She tells you that she knows...

Mean Personal Trainer 5 - Hime Marie

Glenn King , Hime Marie 06/17/2024 Available to Members Now!

Glenn goes to the MeanBitch Gym looking for the best personal trainer. He meets Him Marie, who tells him that the Gym has a "no wimp" policy. Glenn claims he's not a wimp, but Hime just laughs at him. She stands over him while he's on the bench press so her pussy is right over his face. Then she pushes...

Richelle Ryan Slave Orders 9

Richelle Ryan 06/14/2024 Available to Members Now!

Goddess Richelle Ryan walks into her dungeon and sneers at you "well look at this piece of trash... you are worthless... you are beneath me". She laughs at how pathetic you are and tells you that you belong on the floor. She tells you that her feet are sweaty and unzips her latex boots. She shoves her...

Glenn King's Maneaters: Lauren Phillips 1

Jack Vegas , Lauren Phillips 06/10/2024 Available to Members Now!

Welcome to Glenn King's Maneaters: a new (reboot of an old series) where legendary AVN Hall of Fame Femdom Director Glenn King showcases performers who are the most ruthlessly aggressive. We start this series with one of the most dominant and aggressive performers in the history of femdom - Lauren Phillips!...

Hime Marie Slave Orders

Hime Marie 06/07/2024 Available to Members Now!

You need some fitness training, so you go to the MeanBitch Gym to be trained by the very best! But you are disappointed when Hime Marie tells you "see that sign over there? It says NO WIMPS". She tells you if you want to be trained by her you need to get on your knees and beg. She says that's where you...

Beta Boss 5 - Jade Luv

Jack Vegas , Jade Luv 06/03/2024 Available to Members Now!

Jack has been dating his secretary (Jade Luv) ... she gave him until today to leave his wife, but when she asks him if he did it, he gives her the wrong answer. She calls Jack's wife and tells her that Jack wasn't really on business trips all the times he went away. Then she hangs us and tells Jack she...

Lauren Phillips Slave Orders 3

Lauren Phillips 05/31/2024 Available to Members Now!

Goddess Lauren Phillips is six feet tall... you are intimidating looking up at her, knowing she is more powerful than you and superior to you in every way. She starts the video by gazing into the camera and telling you "I OWN YOU NOW", and calling you a pathetic dweeb. She mocks you for being smaller...

Strip Club Domme 23 - Stephanie Love

Stephanie Love 05/27/2024 Available to Members Now!

Jack visits the MeanBitch Strip Club and meets blonde Goddess Stephanie Love! She's STACKED... she's tall and thick with BIG BOOBS AND A HUGE ASS!! She dances on the stage and teases him and then asks if he's the kind of guy she likes to play with. She tells him she only likes to play with weak little...

Jade Luv Slave Orders

Jade Luv 05/24/2024 Available to Members Now!

You have been dating your secretary. She gave you until today to leave your wife, but you just couldn't bring yourself to do it. Now Jade is furious at you, and hell hath no fury like a scorned Jade Luv. She tells you that she has pictures and information that can ruin you. From this day forth, you will...

Most Popular Updates


Mistress Lyra Louvel

Lyra Louvel 07/27/2015 Available to Members Now!

Mistress Lyra Louvel is a Real-Life Pro Domme who loves being worshipped! She puts a dog collar on Slave Jack and makes him her bitch. He loves being used and owned, and she loves having her Ass licked. Great Facesitting, Foot Worship, Ass Worship!

Kiara Cole

Kiara Cole 03/11/2019 Available to Members Now!

Mr Vegas is stunned when an incredibly hot 19 year old walks into his office and tells him she wants to apply for a job. She knows when an older man is weak around hot young women so she starts bossing him around to see what he will do. Within 3 minutes, she has him down on his knees licking her beautiful...

Brenna Sparks 2

Brenna Sparks 07/02/2018 Available to Members Now!

Hot Asian Cheerleader Brenna is the Queen of her school and the only person who doesn't know it yet is Principal King. He brings her into his office to scold her, but soon finds himself on his knees licking her perfect, bratty asshole! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, AND MORE!!

Jezabel Vessir 2

Jezabel Vessir 10/03/2016 Available to Members Now!

Jezabel calls David's handyman service to fix a drawer that's stuck but soon realizes that he is not enough of a man for the job. She tells him he is a little sissy bitch so she is going to treat him that way. She makes him put on a slutty outfit and a wig so she can see his true self. Then she locks...

Alexis Texas - 2012

Alexis Texas 09/18/2014 Available to Members Now!

This scene is actually pretty recent - A great scene with Alexis Texas in the Dungeon with Slave Jeremy. A lot of sweat in this one!

Lrya Louvel POV Slave Orders

Lyra Louvel 07/03/2015 Available to Members Now!

We at MeanWorld are proud to Introduce you today to a new Mistress - Mistress Lyra Louvel ! She's a Pro Domme who loves to use men for sexual pleasure. You will love being her sex slave!

Mean Package Delivery - Alyx Star

Alyx Star 05/24/2021 Available to Members Now!

Fluffy ordered a package of sex toys and is surprised to see that his package delivery girl is 5 foot 9, thick, and SMOKIN' HOT! She barges past him and walks into his house, and then tells him "Sometimes I like to look in people's packages and see what they ordered and wow... I have never seen anything...

Emma Hix 2

Emma Hix 09/07/2020 Available to Members Now!

Glenn orders some food to eat at the pool but when the sexy food delivery girl arrives, she starts bossing him around. She knows a weak simp when she sees one... she soon has him feeding her the food he ordered while she relaxes by his pool. Within a few minutes, she has her new slave agreeing to do...

Kenzie Madison

Kenzie Madison 01/20/2020 Available to Members Now!

Marcus's wife hired their cute bratty next-door neighbor Kenzie to be her assistant. As soon as the wife leaves them alone, Kenzie takes charge! She knows that old men will do anything she tells them to do... she mocks Marcus and degrades him as he obeys her every command. She's a spoiled brat and always...

Sarah Banks Facesitting & Ass Worship

Sarah Banks 06/19/2017 Available to Members Now!

Ebony Hottie Sarah Banks LOVES having her Ass worshipped by a submissive whiteboy! So, she calls an escort service and has them send over a white male prostitute! ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FEMDOM POV, CUM COUNTDOWN & MORE!

Ryan Conner 6

Ryan Conner 12/05/2016 Available to Members Now!

Miss Conner is an arrogant Executive who loves to degrade her employees. She finds Snoop the Janitor working late night and decides to make him rim her asshole. BIG ASS, FOOT WORSHIP, ASS WORSHIP, AND MORE!

Kristina Rose 4

Kristina Rose 06/27/2016 Available to Members Now!

Mistress Kristina Rose is back!! She locked her pathetic slave in a dog cage.. she starts by rubbing her ass all over the cage and making him smell it. She spanks his ass while she tells him what a whore he is, and lets him know that she will be whoring him out. She makes him sniff her asshole like the...

Marsha May 2

Marsha May 09/21/2015 Available to Members Now!

Blonde Hottie Marsha May is back! This time we put her in the Dungeon with Slave Jack so she could have some fun. She is the ultimate brat-domme, and her Ass Worship shots are spectacular! Great Foot Worship and Facesitting too!

Marsha May

Marsha May 07/13/2015 Available to Members Now!

Hot little 20 year old brat Marsha enslaves her stepdaddy! She makes him stick his tongue deep in her tight little cheerleader asshole and then makes him lick up all her toe sweat!


Siri 07/02/2013 Available to Members Now!

Siri is a therapist who turns her wimpy patient into her slave!

Lola Fae POV Slave Orders

Lola Fae 12/06/2019 Available to Members Now!

Its the day of your divorce and you wife calls you a bitch and yells at you to sign the papers. As you sign, your wife smiles cruelly and laughs at you. She tells you that she has been fucking your divorce lawyer and you just signed a paper that says she gets EVERYTHING. She owns you now. From now on,...

Kiara Cole 3

Kiara Cole 07/01/2019 Available to Members Now!

Alec's hot stepdaughter COMPLETELY OWNS HIM. She comes home from a day of spending his money to find him watching a football game with a friend. She makes him turn it off and then has him lie on the floor so her precious feet dont have to touch a stain on the carpet. She makes him rub tanning oil on...

Kiara Cole POV Slave Orders 2

Kiara Cole 04/05/2019 Available to Members Now!

Your stepdaughter Kiara is so incredibly hot.. and she knows how easy it is to wrap a man around her little finger. She lays on your bed and and seduces you.. you try to resist but it's impossible.. you want to please her. You soon find yourself licking her delicious 19 year old feet and kissing her...

Jasmine Webb

Jasmine Webb 01/23/2017 Available to Members Now!

Global Superstar Jasmine Webb is one of the most beautiful women in the world. In her Femdom debut, she shows her mean side... She loves having her ass and feet worshipped by whiteboys! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FACESITTING, FOOT WORSHIP, AND MORE!

Marsha May 3a

Marsha May 02/16/2016 Available to Members Now!

Mega Brat Marsha uses a day at the gym as her opportunity to turn her loser suitor into her BITCH. She slaps his face and orders him to lick up her sweat. His new role is to be her asslicker and footkisser!

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